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We virtually eliminate the time and costs of recruiting, advertising, screening and testing possible candidates.

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Hassle-Free Hiring

As an HR professional or Hiring Manager, you’re faced with a variety of challenges and staffing headaches. At Placement Management Center, our goal is to make hiring hassle-free. Whether you’ve been asked to trim costs, you’re looking for a top candidate for a full-time hire, or you’re in urgent need of some last minute fill-ins, PMC can provide the solutions you require.

Our staffing and search services include:

Temporary Staffing

Offers you a flexible approach to managing your staff levels. This option allows you to match your workforce to your workload–decreasing overhead costs while still having access to talent when you need it. From last minute fill-ins to short and long-term projects, temporary staffing provides you with the flexibility to staff up when needed, without increasing your permanent headcount.


Placement Management Center’s temp-to-hire program allows you to try out new employees on-the-job BEFORE you make a full-time hiring commitment. Our temp-to-hire program gives you a predetermined time frame to evaluate new hires to ensure the right fit between the candidate and your firm–drastically reducing the chance of a bad hire.

Direct Hire

Hiring is hard work. At Placement Management Center, we manage all the details, so you can stay focused on running your business. Our Direct Hire services include:
• Evaluating your job requirements and culture
• Developing a position description that best promotes your organization
• Sourcing the most qualified candidates through advertising, online job postings, and direct recruitment
• Screening, interviewing, and skills testing potential candidates
• Conducting reference, background, and DMV checks as well as drug testing
• Coordinating the interview process
• Acting as your liaison in negotiating the offer

On-Site Staffing

For high-volume staffing users, this option provides on-site management and coordination of your staffing function. To discover more about this service and whether it’s right for your organization, please contact our offices.


This option allows you to recruit and identify candidates while payroll for those employees is handled by Placement Management Center. This helps eliminate the hassles of payroll as well as limit your legal liabilities.

Payroll Distribution Services

Administering payroll can be a time-consuming and very costly event, especially when considering printing and postage costs. With Placement Management Center payroll distribution services, we eliminate paper checks and manage all of your payroll through:

• Process payroll and distribute wages to employees through direct deposit.
• Provide check and payroll register.
• Make tax deposits for you.
• Provide reports for easy journal entries into your accounting system.
• Federal quarterly return and tax deposit.
• State unemployment return and filing.
• W-2 forms and W-3 transmittal.
• 940 federal unemployment return.
• Year to date employee earnings and withholding report.

About Us

Placement Management Center began providing staffing services in 1995 centralizing in the medical and clerical fields. The business quickly grew and now PMC is placing experienced candidates in every industry throughout Mid-Michigan.

Our vision is to “Put the personal back in personnel” PMC achieves this everyday by utilizing the friendliest staff that is committed to providing exceptional service to our clients and candidates. Confidently placing the most talented individuals with our valued clients has enabled PMC to live our vision within our community. As a respected member of the local community PMC conducts business with the utmost integrity, as PMC continues to grow they consistently provide new candidates for companies that are in need and do it with a personal touch.

Our Mission

Placement Management Center is committed to providing the highest quality placement service available in the industry. We strive to set an unprecedented standard of quality, reliability, value and service to the clients we serve.

How much does it really cost to hire an employee?

The cost of simply finding the right person to hire can be more than you think.

It can cost up to $2000 to hire a new employee using the model below. Of course, we can’t eliminate their starting salary, but we can eliminate the hassle and headache of screening, testing, advertising, and reference checking. It’s time: time away from making money and taking care of your customers.

Time away from running your business.

Whether you are using the new electronic methods or traditional ones, Placement Management Center can reduce your cost-per-hire and enhance your recruiting effectiveness and efficiency.

It can take up to four weeks to hire an employee from scratch. If you later find out they don’t have the skills you need, it can take you another two weeks or more to hire someone else.

We make hiring easier. With our pre-employment testing and screening already done, once you place a job order, our qualified candidates are ready to interview. Don’t you want to spend your time making money? Keep your focus on generating revenue, and let us find the right employee for you. You pay no fees until we place someone.

We make hiring easier.

We make hiring easier. With our pre-employment testing and screening already done, once you place a job order, our qualified candidates are ready to interview.

Consider this model: (assuming new employee makes $15/hour)

Tasks Cost
Classified ad for one week $100 (min.)
Screening applicants (staff time) $100 (min.)
Interviewing $150
Testing $50
Initial paperwork after hire $50 (min.)
Two weeks salary + payroll while training      $1200 (min.)
Training and supervision during training $600 (min.)
                                        TOTAL +$2000
Power Up with PMC Now

What Clients Are Saying...

Thank you so much PMC. You’re doing a splendid job of staffing for us.

— Donna

Thank you both for your time, and interest today in helping with our open positions.

— Amanda

Thank you so much for sending us such good, hard-working, qualified candidates for us! From finding us production to office personnel, all of the recruiters at PMC have been professional, friendly and very helpful. It has been a pleasure doing business with PMC! Keep up the good work—we need more!

— Renee

You’re awesome! Thank you so much for all your efforts, and hard working in helping us find employees! We’re so thankful to have you!

— LaTasha

The staff has been very helpful and they respond right away!

— Jacob